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Agree with M Sundstrom's 1:1 ratio for judging or not

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Do you Agree with M Sundstrom's 1:1 ratio for judging

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All right folks. Let see the opinions of those here in regard to the fellow from the PNW idea that judges should have 1 placement for each judging assignment at each stake level.
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Nooooo!!! If anything, it should be the experience of participating in the All Age stakes, not how well you did! A person can understand how trials work without placing to be able to judge for god's sake. Next thing you know he'll say only people with titled dogs should judge! Judges have to start somewhere besides the minors. Isn't that why you put new folks with 8 pointed judges? A person who trains and runs his or her dog consistently should be prerequisite enough. if the club invites that person. Isn't this why clubs have judges committees? Hard enough to get folks to judge without this......sour grapes seems like.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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