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How much walking do you do?

  • I only walk doing my home chores and at work

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  • I walk 1-2 miles once a week

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  • I walk 1-2 miles daily

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  • I walk up to five miles once a week

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  • I walk up to five miles daily

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  • I walk 5+ miles once a week

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  • I walk 5+ miles daily

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do you perambulate?

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everyone here is a dog person, and dogs need to be walked. They, those torture masters who call themselves physical therapists, tell me walking is one of, if not the best exercises. One would think we (the RTF collective) with all of our dogs needing walking, are the healthiest group on the planet. For me, just a glance at the bathroom mirror tells me that we are not. So I wonder, how many of you all walk for the health of it. Other that the walking you do in your job, be than postal letter carrier or toll booth operator and everything in-between. How much walking do you do?
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Bill Watson said:
Jerry, We thank you for your pain in exchange for the pleasure you bring to us with your wierd sense of humour. Reading you is SO much better than Roger. Fact is, I have my private "ignore" button for him.

Sympathy for the back surgery! I broke mine thru stupidity by falling off a ladder while trimming limbs with a chain saw. Not a good idea. Bill
Can't agree more with your first statement...the UIM has always been a 'good read' as long as I've been on this BB.

And I can relate to your last statement. It wasn't my back, but my left shoulder. Sure put a halt to my golf game. But as long as I can still lift it high enough to give my dog a left angle back, and I can hold the forearm of my Beretta properly to shoot upland and waterfowl, life is good.

Of course I still hear about saving $$$ by cutting down that tree myself, rather than paying a pro $100 to do it. I think it was almost a 1 grand loss in that deal, not to mention the pain and discomfort.

But, like Jer...I've returned to my swave and deboner self, although not nearly as sveldt as I used to be. As the saying goes...there is a difference between a OK body, and a body that's A OK....I'm left with the former.

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