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How much walking do you do?

  • I only walk doing my home chores and at work

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  • I walk 1-2 miles once a week

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  • I walk 1-2 miles daily

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  • I walk up to five miles once a week

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  • I walk up to five miles daily

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  • I walk 5+ miles once a week

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  • I walk 5+ miles daily

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do you perambulate?

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everyone here is a dog person, and dogs need to be walked. They, those torture masters who call themselves physical therapists, tell me walking is one of, if not the best exercises. One would think we (the RTF collective) with all of our dogs needing walking, are the healthiest group on the planet. For me, just a glance at the bathroom mirror tells me that we are not. So I wonder, how many of you all walk for the health of it. Other that the walking you do in your job, be than postal letter carrier or toll booth operator and everything in-between. How much walking do you do?
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This is what I do to stay in shape :wink:

This happens to be the other side of the Bonnet Carre Spillway from where retriever training and trials are.

I guess I walk a few miles a day at work, and climb up and down ladders. Can't run anymore because my knees are torn up from racing those bikes since I was a kid.
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Bill Watson said:
Ricky, You're not one of those snot-nosed bike riders that used to ride through our tests about 20 years ago in the Spillway are you? That and the model airplanes used to drive us crazy. Ever try to hit a model airplane with a 12 guage? Bill

20 years ago I was 4 years old and I'm quite sure my dad wouldn't have allowed that. I am a motocross racer, not a weekend warrior. I rode on the track, not the roads or open fields, at the Spillway because it was really rough and good track to get shape. We spend thousands every year racing, not terriorizing people riding up and down streets or running over dogs. The spillway has a bunch of idiots riding around in the Spillway every weekend, but I wasn't one of them riding through tests, I was the one running over them :wink: I know bikes have bad reps because of idiots like that, but it is a multi-million dollar industry and the racers are athletes that train their a$$es off. It's too bad, every sport or thing has their share of bad apples. How many people do you see everyday that shouldn't own a dog :?: :wink:

1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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