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Yes, I've had a few experiences like this, I am a boarding kennel owner and have had about 10 dogs in the last 4 years who are very very active, playful, athletic dogs who seemed to be having a good time during group play and even in their kennel, but who would lose weight and really worry me. The key was that they would not eat a normal amount of food, however.

Don't want to ruffle feathers, but wonder if your dog was actually eating while with the pro. I'm sure he or she was eating some amount, but was it a normal or healthy amount? Can't believe a dog could eat 10 cups of food a day and lose weight, no matter how active in their kennel. My kennels are 5 feet by 10 feet and the dogs get to be outside playing with other dogs most of the day while kenneling with me. The dogs that play are totally exhausted from it, but the only ones that lose weight are the ones that won't eat. I regularly board dogs for one to three months at a time, too. The one's that lose weight, are stressed from being away from their family and from being kenneled - whether they show that stress or not.
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