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Dogs in Cars

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I mentioned earlier that I planned to take poochie to work with me while it was still decent weather out. I have a Jeep Cherokee, so I am able to fit the crate in the back hatch. But I was thinking, how much air would be plenty. Do I roll all the windows down? Do I roll all the windows down and leave the hatch door open (assuming no one will take anything from my vehicle, but considering I am in charge of security here, I hope that doesn't happen)? Or do I bring my back receiver hitch rack and strap her to that while I am inside? I don't have much time as far as days to do this, I leave in Texas it will be 100 degrees in a week or so.

Any thoughts...
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Why not leave the dog at home rather than cooped up in your car at work. I see too many dangers that could befall him. IMHO
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