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Dogta vs. TT Pro Control RL Releases

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Looking to get feedback from all who have experience with either or both. Satisfaction, reliability, etc...

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Had the Dogtra, then sold them to get the TT Pro Controls.

It took me about a month to relize that I REALLY missed my dogtra's, sooooo. . .

After about 4 more months I sold the TT and now AGAIN HAPPILY OWN DOGTRA releases and could not be happier with them.
Still have the old TT 150's.
Have seen both newer systems and they both seem to be reliable. When I upgrade it will be to Dogtra. Why? Because Dogtra's sound like a duck.
Lisa Schirmeister said:
When I upgrade it will be to Dogtra. Why? Because Dogtra's sound like a duck.
Yep!! I had to TT Pro Controls and was disappointed when I got them to find that the "duck sound" sounded more like the hockey horn at my grandson's games. When a friend called me on my cell phone while I was training and hit the sound on his Dogtra unit, I sent TT Pro Controls back and bought Dogtras.
I have two Dogtra RR's w/duck call. Got them about 13 months ago. They both worked great when I first got them. Then within 2/3 months one of them started giving me a real weak duck quack sound, so of course I recharged it and it didn't help. Dogtra fixed it within a week, no problem. I did ask for an "autopsy" on the unit, in case it was something I did wrong, but I did not recieve any information from Dogtra regarding the failure.

Now, after not using them regularly for the winter months, both units have a weak quack sound. This time it is not as bad, but the dogs can't hear it clearly, and it isn't close to what it was when I first got them. :x
The release circuit works perfect every time.

Has anybody else had this problem? I wonder if the speaker paper for the quack sound is affected by moisture during long storage periods, or changes in temps. I did have them in my truck some this winter, and I did use them in some fairly cold weather, hopefully the battery and power circuit can handle midwest cold.
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I bought the TT pro Control RL for the winger I have and I am 100% happy with it, it is easy to operate and control, no wif it talked to the BB remote it would be perfect!!
Has anybody else ruined a pro control receiver int he rain? I love mine, a training partner bought a TT pro control transmitter and 3 receivers. In hard rain two of the receivers died and TT was pretty slow replacing them.

This happened to anyone else?
I have the TT 150's and loved them. Now I upgraded to the TT Pro Release. and feel the same. The dog's learn what that sound is, just like "Okay, Okay" before a happy bummper. I don't really care what it sounds like.

Howard, tell your buddy to make sure that he replaces the charger caps after charging or they COULD get wet inside.
I've had two Dogtra RRD units w/duck call for over 1 year and have been totally satisfied. Not one problem and they've seen regular use.
I've owned a dogtra 1202 NCP for over two years now and use it on a daily basis. Can't imagine a product with better quality and reliability.
I have used the TT Pro Contols on my three Top Gun launchers for two years. One of the units had a speaker problem after being stored over the winter but was replaced by TT quickly and with out question. I have used them in heavy rain with no problems.
dogtra vs tri tronics

Hi I use 3 T.T. and have yet to have a problem with them the one thing I like is that when I use my box launcher I can run a jumper cable to it(saves me buying another one). . Mario
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