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I don't know any results as of yet, but did hear that the Open went from ~104 to ~ 40 after the first series with a nice triple with no bird longer than 175 yards. Dogs dropped themselves from what I understand.

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Down East ft Results


1 - Gary Unger w/ Sly
2 - Alan Pleasent
3 - Alan / Grizz - John Sherman's Dog
4 - Alan / Bodachus - Anne Marshals Dog


1- Ken Neil / Nelie
2- Burke Earley / Zoom ( Qualified for National Am)
3- Marvin Blount
4- Marvin Blount


Jeff Telanders dog won it with Alan P. running the dog

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Down East FT Results

The first series was in fact a great test. 104 to 40 with one retired gun in an open.

The grounds were good which always helps, but the bird placement was just right and the judges did not panic and resort to tricks. Good job John G. and Steve F.

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You da man Burke! Congrats. on the Second. Congratulations also to Ken Neil and Brenda. Nellie's on a roll.

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Derby Results

1- Sandhill's Two Buck Chuck, owner/handler, Hugh Arthur

2- Jumpin Jazzmin Montgomery, owner, Lee and Debra Telling, handled by Jack Morris

3- Cody Cut a Lean Grade, owner/handler, Chad Baker

4- Peakebrook's Brawny Force, owner, James Dean and Cindy Donahey, handled by Hugh Arthur. (12 month old Lean Mac pup per the program)

RJ- Halyard Noel, owner, Sam and Polly Franklin, handled by Bruce Koonce

There were 5 JAM's. Hugh had two of them, Jack Morris had another, and a big congrats to Whip Wilson and Angel for doing a great job on a very tough water series for their second jam in the last two trials.

Also want to say that I had read a lot about Chad Baker's young dog Grady. He is one to watch in the future. A very nice looking dog that can do the work. It was nice meeting you Chad. See ya in SC next weekend.

Shayne Hammond

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Way to go Burke!! 2 thumbs up. I think Ken Neil and Nelie were second in the open. Bruce Koonce and "Bell" RJ. Alan had a couple Jams. Hugh Aurther had a Jam. The Kearny's(sp) had a Jam. Jack Morris and "ezzie" (sp) had a Jam. I think his name was Jeff Stoneman had a good one going and broke on the honor. 9 did the last series out of 20 I think. 2 retired guns and a flyer shot 90 degrees right sluiced in the water w/ honor.

Second and third were double blinds with a dry pop. Land blind straight forward at 240 yards and the water was 302 yards in and out kinda deal.

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Open - 104 Entries Judges: John Gianladis, MO & Steve Ferguson, VA
Dog# Dog Name Owner Handler Results
33 Implied Consent Gary Unger Gary Unger 1st
65 FC AFC Good Ideas Whoa Nellie Ken Neil Ken Neil 2nd
13 Runnin' Down A Dream John Sherman Alan Pleasant 3rd
77 FC/AFC CNFC CAFC Comstocks Bodacious John & Anne Marshall Alan Pleasant 4th
62 Gunzup's Jazzabelle John Thomas John Thomas Reserve JAM
14 FC Semaphore Rule of Thumb Carol Lilenfeld Hillary Rogers Brooks Jamie Balesdent Jam
27 The Bee Charmer Tim & Dianne Mahady Jack Morris Jam
39 FC/AFC Hawkeye's Shadow Marvin Blount, Jr. Marvin Blount, Jr. or
Alan Pleasant Jam
41 FC/AFC/OTCH Law Abiding Ezra Brian & Connie Cleveland Brian Cleveland Jam
43 Coppertop's Raven Brave Marshall & Katherine Simonds Al Arthur Jam
80 FC Pleasant River Kate John & Anne Marshall Alan Pleasant Jam
92 AFC Caernac's Ms Absolut Wiser Frank & Mimi Kearney Frank Kearney Jam

Amateur - 67 Entries Judges: Gerry Pozzebon, CAN & Connie Cleveland, SC
Dog# Dog Name Owner Handler Results
41 FC AFC Good Ideas Whoa Nellie Ken Neil Ken Neil 1st
9 Ebonstar Gotta Zoom Burke Earley Burke Earley 2nd
42 Troublesome Highsea's Jacques MARY TATUM Mavin Blount 3rd
5 Candlewood's Something Royal Marvin Blount, Jr. Marvin Blount 4th
49 Seven Come Eleven V J.M. & L.K. DuBose J.M. & L.K. DUBOSE RJAM
53 Top Grades Just Do It Frances Earley Burke Earley Jam
56 FC-AFC Longshot Black Talon Robert Willow Bob Willow Jam

Qualifying - 48 Entries Judges: Michael Galante, MD & Chad Fenton, NC
Dog# Dog Name Owner Handler Results
45 Broad Reach Devil Made Me Doit Jeff Telander Alan Pleasant 1st
7 Oak Valley Adios Amigo Ed Gipson Ed Gipson 2nd
17 Black Rivers Bad Medicine John Marshall Alan Pleasant 3rd
48 Day's End Thunder Jerry Day Jerry & Jean Day 4th
46 Marauders Sharpshooter Jeff Floyd Reserve JAM
22 Trieven Mac's Storm Surge Ronald Stainback, Jr Alan Pleasant Jam
25 Sin Lake's Big Time Trouble MH Dave Wilson Dave Wilson Jam
33 WaxlakesLet Em Land Forrest & Monica Faulkner Forrest Faulkner Jam
44 Nine Miles Dust in the Wind Robin Kriz Robert Reckart Jam

Derby - 26 Entries Judges: Chad Fenton, NC & Jerry Day, GA
Dog# Dog Name Owner Handler Results
2 Sandhill's Two Buck Chuck Hugh & Al Arthur Hugh Arthur 1st
22 Jumpin Jazzmin Montgomery Lee & Debra L Telling Jack Morris 2nd
1 Cody Cut A Lean Grade Chad Baker Chad and Paige Baker 3rd
8 Peakebrook's Brawny Force James Dean Hugh Arthur 4th
12 Halyard Noel Samuel & Polly Franklin Bruce Koonce Reserve JAM
14 Lake Park Sugarfoot Kelsey Charles Bearden Al Arthur Jam
17 Old Squaw's Devil Nemiss Whip & Patricia Wilson Whip Wilson Jam
19 The Kramer Jack & Laura Morris Jack Morris Jam
25 Devil's Chocolate Kiss Shayne Hammond Shayne Hammond Jam
11 Hickory Stick's I'll Be Fine Marty Bullington Al Arthur Jam
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