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Dudley Nose Yellows?

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I have seen some stuff that is a little bit conflicting, or at least it leaves a question in my mind. Some things I've read say that a "Dudley" yellow lacks all pigment from its nose, and this produces a pink colored nose. I have seen other things say that if the yellow dog has a brown/chocolate colored nose instead of black, then it is a Dudley, which is undesireable. The reason I ask, is in about another year I intend to breed my yellow, Cami, to Chief my Chocolate stud, that is if she passes OFA and gets titled in that time. I don't think she carries a chocolate gene, but I was hoping for some clarification of the Dudley thing.
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Here is the result of Choc X Yellow breeding with all 7 yellows produced - one dudley. His color doesn't hold him back for a second in performance. Great HT and gun dog. SIR DUDLEY WILL-DO "Dudley" - dealing with what is dealt! However certainly would not breed CH w/ Yl even though I have a dudley yellow in the kennel.

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