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Dudley Nose Yellows?

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I have seen some stuff that is a little bit conflicting, or at least it leaves a question in my mind. Some things I've read say that a "Dudley" yellow lacks all pigment from its nose, and this produces a pink colored nose. I have seen other things say that if the yellow dog has a brown/chocolate colored nose instead of black, then it is a Dudley, which is undesireable. The reason I ask, is in about another year I intend to breed my yellow, Cami, to Chief my Chocolate stud, that is if she passes OFA and gets titled in that time. I don't think she carries a chocolate gene, but I was hoping for some clarification of the Dudley thing.
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I run hunt tests. He has an HR right now and will hopefully get his HRCH this fall. Cami has her SHR and will pursue a HR and SH this fall. I have bred Chief to my other bitch. She is a trifactored black and he is a yellow factored Chocolate. Cami is a yellow, with only one chocolate quite ways back on her pedigree, so I don't thing she has a chocolate gene.
The Labrador Retriever Club says that the below quote is grounds for disqualification. This is my understanding of a Dudley nose the more I read on it. According to this, I don't think that a brown colored nose(ie, a chocolate nose) is the same thing.

"A thoroughly pink nose or one lacking in any pigment.
Eye rims without pigment." -LRC

A coloration known as "Dudley" is also possible. Dudleys are variously defined as yellow Labs which are unpigmented (pink) (LRC), yellow with liver pigmentation, or "flesh coloured" (AKC), rather than having black or brown pigmentation.[10] A yellow Lab with brown or chocolate pigmentation (for example, a brown/chocolate nose), is not a Dudley. Breed standards for Labradors considers a true Dudley to be a disqualifying feature for a show Lab ("Disqualification: A thoroughly pink nose or one lacking in any pigment"). True Dudleys are extremely rare.[10][12][13] (See: Albinoism).

Fowl, I will surely breed Cami to other dogs with more impressive pedgrees, but I already have folks wanting half of a litter of pups that know Chief and have hunted with him.
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Guys, thanks for the input on the breeding, but I mainly wanted some clarification on what a true "Dudley" is. I found that from the LRC site.

As far as the breeding goes, I have been breeding for quite a while now. I breed two particular dogs because 1. they are quality, healthy dogs that exhibit all of the things a good hunting retriever should exhibit, 2. there is a market from interested quality hunting/hunt test/field trial homes.

Sure, I can't charge as much for a puppy from Chief, because he has a purely hunting pedigree, but that's not what its all about. I love to place a pup with a good ol' boy who will hunt it hard and let it do what it's bred for.

I have never had trouble placing a litter of our pups.


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Also, GMHR1, a chocolate factored black lab can produce a brown nosed yellow as well, if the yellow is chocolate factored as well.
Thanks guys, I meant no disrespect.

Fowl, my hope is to get Cami to a HRCH and MH and then breed her to a good FC/AFC at some point. She's got it all, I wish I had more time to give her.

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