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Early Spring Training

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A few days ago, my doctor provided a diagnosis. It seems both shoulders will receive an injection of
Cortisone. The diagnosis of frozen shoulders had nothing to do with the fact that winter was when the
diagnosis was pronounced. Painful hints of the issue began to surface last spring when attempting to
shoulder and shoot a shotgun at the line in HRC tests. The shotgun was not the cause. Being almost 83
years old does not help. The injections will be completed on March 22nd.

Yesterday, I began the seven different exercises that is a proven therapy. I figured being proactive might
be a good idea. They are not fun. (n)

Note: Running AKC tests will be somewhat easier. A wooden gun can be pointed with one arm and there
are no shells to be shucked. :geek:
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My sympathy. I've had frozen shoulders, but one at a time. Painful and a long recovery. I hope your treatment goes well.
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