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Ed, Is the SCRA a secret?

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No wonder Ed has been quite on the some of these threads.
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And why or how is he being "quite" on it?

Ed, it's been many years since I was actively involved with a particular club but if there's anything you think I could do, just let me know.

I'm at your disposal.

I could see a couple more in the Lake Charles area.

But I'd rather see one or two in the Austin area. Maybe one or two in the Bryan-College Station Area.

This opinion is simply because they would be a lot more convienient to ME!!!!

Bob A. said:
Conceptually this sounds good, but I do wish AKC would be more transparent regarding the approval process for formation of regional associations.

What exactly is the step by step process for formation of an association?

What exactly will be the basis for approving or denying those associations?

What regional boundaries make the most sense? How wide an area can an association cover?

For example, exactly what area comprises the range of the "South Central" Ret Assoc?

What are the bare minimum requirements for formation? What happens if there is misconduct by the organizers of an event held under the umbrella of an association?

How many associations are desirable? How many are too many?

Surely someone at AKC is thinking through the policy implications of this rather than taking a "ready - shoot - aim" approach.

Please understand that I think this can be a good thing....I just think that everyone should have the details.

Why was this kept under wraps?
I'd bet a six-pack that AKC can & will answer all your questions if you ask them.

Ed, what sort of time element would be involved if a group decided to apply for a Trial through the Association? Same as any other application or could the Association expedite it?

Then it sounds to me as though now would not be too soon to start getting all one's ducks in a row for a conflicting Trial(s) for next year.

Is that a fair assumption?

Who owned the property that John Parker and East Texas RC used?

LOL, "just git er done!!!!!"

And I think that since the word "national" is used as a proper noun, much like John, the spelling National is proper.

But I ain't no English teacher.

but I still know that a preposition is anything a bird can do to a tree!!!

:D :D Don't think I ever saw a squirrel in the mesquites of West Texas, but that will work also.

:D :D How about...

Anything a Gator can do to whatever the hell it wants!!!???

Ya gotta go catch her and tell her the difference between preposition and proposition!!!


The "n" you made reference to is from your own post, which no one, that I can see, questioned. Why bring it up?

john fallon said:
Jerry said:
The "n" you made reference to is from your own post, which no one, that I can see, questioned. Why bring it up?

I brought it up as clarification of the n I was referring to when I mistakenly thought Mr B. was using a play on words

A better question is, why you and kg felt compelled to comment at all since both Ed and Mr. B are more than able to take care of themself ?

I suppose the correct answer is "NONE OF YOUR &$%^ing Business WHY I posted. Except to get the opportunity to tell you, AGAIN, you screwed up!!!!!

It's "themselves", plural not singular. And you didn't ask a question, you made a statement that included a question. End it with a period.

Now I feel better.

1 - 14 of 141 Posts
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