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Ed, Is the SCRA a secret?

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No wonder Ed has been quite on the some of these threads.
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the South Central Retriever Association is definitely not a secret

through the efforts of Bill Speck and Michael Liosis of the American Kennel Club we have jointly formed the SCRA which is in effect a club of clubs.

We hope that all the clubs on the Texas, Oklahoma, & Louisiana circuit will join the SCRA.

Our initial function will be to allow new clubs or individuals who have organized a field trial (like the Central Texas Retriever Club) to hold events under our auspices using our club number, thereby bypassing the laborious task of fulfilling AKC requirements for new clubs. Ultimately we hope to expand our influence to help manage our circuit better. Nothing we do will have any effect on any existing clubs or events.

We are in the process of writing by-laws and establishing dues for the association

Officers for 2006 will serve one year, then member clubs will vote on a slate of officers to serve 3 year terms

President - Ed Aycock
1st Vice President - Jim Cope
2nd Vice president - Jan Schrader
Secretary/treasurer - Ed Fullerton
Board Members at large - John Russell and Scott Carruth

we will not be sufficiently organized to get the Central Texas Retriever Club event up and running this spring, but they will be able to hold an event this year if they choose to

you will hear more in the future

this is really really cool!!!!! we have in essence been granted breed club status 8) 8) 8) 8)
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jeff t. said:
I wonder if the AKC rules regarding the number of events a club can host apply to such associations? (i.e. how many trials per year can use the association's club number?)

Is the sole purpose of the association to ease the process of clubs getting started or will the association also put on trials not associated with new clubs?

When a fledgling club puts on their intial trials using the association's club number, how does the process differ from the "mentoring" program that was announced in the fall?

What does the fledgling club have to do before they will be approved to go on their own?

1. there was no discussion as to the number of events, the primary limitation is/will be conducive weather, pre-existing events, and individuals interested in putting on an event

2. the primary purpose is to allow interested and qualified individuals the opportunity to host a field trial without forming a new club

3. new events could be hosted by a new club or the association could host one or more events

4. any club which chooses AKC licensed club status will follow the same procedures that are currently in place, that is approval of by-laws, submission of membership for approval, hosting sanctioned events before final approval for hosting licensed events

if a new club only wished to hold 1 or 2 field trials per year there would be no reason for them to seek AKC licensed club status, they would merely hold their events under the auspices of SCRA

here's how it would work hypothetically........Jerry, White Knight, and Gerard decide that they would like to put on an additional field trial in Anderson Texas May 19-21 at the end of our spring circuit, they secure grounds, get judges, purchase the appropriate state licenses and permits, secure liability insurance and appoint a field trial committee, they then submit their proposal to SCRA for review, SCRA BOD reviews and approves their request, the information is filed with AKC using SCRA's club number, the appropriate fee is paid, and Performance Events approves the trial.

When and if the 200 mile rule is voted in SCRA would be able to allow interested parties to hold an event to conflict with one of our huge spring trials without the formation of a new club

additionally we plan to explore the possibility of SCRA securing liability insurance covering all of it's member clubs and events, perhaps workman's comp as well

if this association works to it's maximum the entire circuit will be pulling in the same direction rather than acting as separate entities, I think that everyone will ultimately benefit
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Gerard Rozas said:
4) The Association would determine when and where in the state to schedule field trials
Does that mean what I think it does? Pretty powerful sentence.
don't read too much into it, it is what I stated, and the Association can schedule field trial(s), that is the stated purpose, don't look for conspiracies, they don't exist

but read the part that says we have nothing to do with any existing club or event (or only to the extent that said club would want)
potential South Central Retriever Association member clubs

1. North Texas Ret. Club (a done deal)
2. Bluebonnet Ret. Club
3. Metro Alliance Ret. Club
4. Rose Country Ret. Club
5. Texas Panhandle Ret. Club
6. Wichita Falls Ret. Club
7. Lone Star Ret. Club
8. Piney Woods Ret. Club
9. Port Arthur Ret. Club
10. Alamo Ret. Club
11. Brazosport Ret. Club
12. Coastal Bend Ret. Club
13. Cimmaron Ret. Club
14. Tulsa Ret. club
15. Sooner Ret. Club
16. Shreveport Bossier Ret. Club
17. Ouachita Ret. Club
18. Acadiana Ret. Club
19. South Louisiana Ret. Club

did I miss anyone?....we want all of these clubs to be members, they will continue to have control of their own destiny, eventually new trials will come under the umbrella of SCRA and we can mutually benefit from the alliance (insurance, organization of our circuit, and.......???????)
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jeff t. said:
So, if this idea takes off and there are clusters of retriever club associations or federations scattered across the country (maybe wishful thinking, maybe not), would there be any reason to start any new clubs?
I guess that would depend on the club's goals, if they were loftier than holding a couple of field trials every year then it might be worth the agony of becoming a licensed or member club.

if the goal is to hold a couple of field trials each year (and the powers that be do not disenfranchise the Association) I see no reason for a new organization to jump through the hoops to become a licensed or member club
Gerard Rozas said:
Any thoughts about reviving James Parker's plan now that we have an organization to oversee it?
I undertook the same futile effort in 1990, wrote letters to every club on the circuit outling a prospective spring schedule with conflicts for the first 4 weeks and the trials beginning in March with the Southern clubs being early, only 2 or 3 clubs had the courtesy to even respond to my proposal, so we (North Texas) moved our date from March to it's current place as the 3rd weekend in April

it won't happen without the existing club's approval, but in 2007 with the 200 mile rule in effect we can affect some changes, that should be one of our goals, to make our circuit in tune with what the majority want

if existing clubs still want to hold trials in February and early March when they are at the mercy of our fickle spring weather no one can change that, perhaps with a unified front and a good master plan we can improve what we have
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Shayne Mehringer said:
Will the SCRA be able to force a date change on an event secretary/chairman?
you pooka beaded goofball, have you READ ANYTHING THAT I HAVE WRITTEN?

SCRA has no control over existing events......!!!!!!!!
gator said:
would/could a FT be held under the auspices of the SCRA if the jackson crew should so choose, sans FT club status?
Well we do call ourselves the South Central Retriever Association

and Mississippi is South and sorta Central and our function will be to do exactly that, so speaking as only one officer I would say yes

heck I can drive to Jackson in about the same time that it takes me to drive to Amarillo or San Antonio

and I'll bet that there will be a Southeast Retriever Association or some such, maybe Ms, Al, Tn to do the same thing which would be more in line with what your neighboring circuits do
john fallon said:
Where did/does the RAC, a committee of all the trial giving clubs, and its subcommittee for rules, come into play, and if not why not ?
the "if not" is that the Retriever Advisory Committee's mission is field trial rules and regulations, not clubs or club matters

the "why not" is that clubs are the business of the AKC and in this instance specifically the Performance Events Department of AKC which was instrumental in drafting the guidelines

again, if you're looking for a conspiracy or you if you want to be a modern day Bob Woodward and uncover a "back room deal", you're barking up the wrong tree
Mr Booty said:
Not all the clubs within a 200 mile radius host 2 full trials a year. If this new organization gets going, would it be possible to fill those holes with the clubs that are already up and running or would you suggest new clubs to fill those holes?
doesn't need to be a club, 3 or 4 people can do it, the aim is to provide more field trials without the 2 or 3 year delay that it takes a new club to be approved
john fallon said:
Was he incorrect ?

If he was correct , the "WHY NOT" question stands unanswered.
perhaps you should call Pete and ask him

but even beyond that, why do you care?......

odd that no complaints have arisen from the circuit involved, only from you John :roll:
Ah, the field trial community amazes me, perhaps it is because of the personality type that is attracted to this sport. The AKC does something innovative that could ultimately benefit everyone, yet the nay sayers wish to find fault with something. They even want to look for a rules based way to challenge the innovators.

Amazingly the nay sayers do not live in Texas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma. The opinions from that circuit have been uniformly positive as evidenced by people who have posted and peolpe who have PM'd me.

The nay sayers should adopt the optimist's approach of viewing the glass as half full, rather than the pessimist's of viewing it as half empty.

Many thanks to Chris for providing the ignore button and to North Mountain for reminding me to use it (Thanks Laura!)
Bob A. said:
Why should certain persons have the info (thank goodness Keith had some info to share) when others don't?
gee Bob, I don't even know you, I sure didn't know that we needed to consult you (and John) :roll:
Bob A. said:
It isn't a matter of being consulted, just a desire that AKC keep everyone informed in real time rather than after the fact.
SCRA has existed as an entity for 7 days
Ken Guthrie said:
Ed, are there meetings held for this committee?
if meetings were held the "cartel" wouldn't be secret :shock:
john fallon said:
cartel 2 : a combination of independent commercial or industrial enterprises designed to limit competition ...........

Not a good word in this climate :wink:

your choice of the noun John, or have you already forgotten what wrote on page 2

john fallon said:
Sounds like a cartel without much oversight to me,

Would it be good for these cartels to become a nationwide phenomenon,

Have a wonderful weekend John, I have much better things to do than argue with you :shock:
Jerry said:
Ed, what sort of time element would be involved if a group decided to apply for a Trial through the Association? Same as any other application or could the Association expedite it?
not much different, SCRA is just an administrative tool, not a governing body, not an entity designed to ride roughshod on the circuit

we have not yet written by-laws, haven't decided how the membership is to composed, dues, manner of election of officers, etc.

when we are fully organized we will post everything pertinent, hopefully our efforts and experiences will make the road for future associations smoother

ultimately the association may provide great benefits for our circuit, for now it is a means for CTRC and Red River RC to hold licensed events sooner rather than later
Jerry said:
Then it sounds to me as though now would not be too soon to start getting all one's ducks in a row for a conflicting Trial(s) for next year.Is that a fair assumption?
probably, particularly as it pertains to judges, after all John decided that we needed "30 new pointed judges"......don't know where that figure came from though :?

at best we'll probably only be adding 2 more trials on our circuit, unfortunately we're losing one this spring......

Lone Star, which has had the same date for about 50 years, moved their spring trial to new grounds which fell into the geographic realm of a new club (Central Arkansas) and a conflict created when Cimmaron decided to avoid Easter weekend and move to Lone Star's date, in essence we have sacrificed a 60 year old club for a new one holding it's first trial and a club moving their trial because of Easter

now if the 200 mile rule were in effect it wouldn't matter, but that does not take effect until January 2007

reliable sources have informed me that there is "more to the story than I know" but this is as it was presented to me

for me it's OK because I won't have to judge that weekend and if I choose I can go run my dog at Cimarron 8)

for The White Knight, well it leaves kind of a bad taste in his mouth
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Jerry said:
Who owned the property that John Parker and East Texas RC used?
I think Mr. Water was well connected to the money crowd in E. Texas

BTW he was appointed to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission in 2004, so the story goes (Dallas Morning News Jan 29,2006 p.23C), our old friend John organized the first fund raising DU banquet ever held in Lufkin Texas in 1966

some of the land belonged to a timber company which was owned by Time Inc., at the time the CEO of Time Inc. was an East Texas native, (his name escapes me right now), and some was privately owned, John had a clothing store in Lufkin and he knew the right people

my most vivid recollection of the 1984 National when I was chairman of the Steward's Committee was arriving at the gate for the 7th series (which was locked) and the Chief Marshall Swede Anderson did not have a key, so my buddy Gordon Perry (who was Chairman of bird throwers) and I took things into our own hands and secured an Oklahoma Universal Key (a bolt cutter) and we cut the chain so the National could proceed 8)

no one ever realized that Gordon and I saved the National with an illegal entry
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Mr Booty said:
Actuall we were talking about another John. The one Ed and Jerry mentioned! 8)
ask him (not John Parker) if he can he spell egocentric
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