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Should the Breeder Buy back the Dog with EIC>?

EIC from 2004NFC X Lean mac Should the Breeder Buy Back>?

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I purchased a dog from a Lady in Peyton Co. about 1yr ago.. The dog being just a year old has what the Vet calls EIC....The dog in Question is sired 2004 NFC DRAKE by a Lean Mac and Rita reynolds Bitch....After asking " Mrs Breeder'' about this .She said she would replace with another lab in a Year or 2 by another FC sired stud to her bitch whom is running trails right now....Mrs bREEDER also wants the dog back to examine it...Why Cant I just for a spay and get 2 vets opinions instead of having to fly the dog back to Colorado and spending even more money...What would you guys do out there?
Why send the dog so she can make a diag.? When the 2 vets can tell the same thing.....There was nothing ever covered in the guarantee about EIC just like 99% of them out there......But you can bet money my next purchase will have that in Bold writing....
Dont get me wrong I am pleased she has offered to replace the pup but I am really gun shy about the Whole thing right now..
SO I am faced with spend another 300 to fly this dog back or Just call it a loss?
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She's being reasonable and unreasonable. First, the fact that she is willing to replace a dog that wasn't guaranteed (I would assume) against EIC is nice of her.

On the other hand, she wants the dog back thinking that you and your family are attached to it and will never give up the valued family pet. Who knows, you may later see the dog for sale as a started dog.

I have always made ANY major defect good (whether in the contract or not). At the end of the day, when I look in the mirror I don't want there to be any question as to whether I screwed someone or not.
The original post discussed the breeding--nothing malicious there. Then, the original post discussed how a person trained in caring for animals (DVM) felt it was EIC. I don't see anything malicious there either.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that most of the ailments that dogs have are hereditary. Anyone who feels that EIC is not hereditary probably feels that until a genetic marker for hip dysplasia and PRA are found, diet must be the cause.
Angie, there are a lot of people who would agree with me on the genetic basis for many ailments. As far as PRA, I did misspeak.

As far as the boobie prize--it won't be the first and it surely won't be the last. You've earned a few in your life too!
MY conscience wouldn't allow me to take money back from a breeder if something popped up outside the things we have the ability to test for.
You're either independently wealthy or trying for sainthood. If I drop $3500 for a puppy, in addition to a refund if anything crops up, I even expect his crap to smell like roses!
The sad thing about Jason's experience is that the person who sold him the dog is a Regional Director for the American Chesapeake Club!

I'd bring this up with the ACC. We certainly don't need this type of thing happening in the organization.
Rick, I completely agree. This guy produces very nice puppies. Based upon the pedigrees, I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

If Jason did receive a puppy in that condition, he was ripped off.
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