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Failed HT.... help

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Does anyone have a short piece of rope and a tall tree I can borrow. After 7 straight ribbons and the last one to get SH title the wheels fell of Sunday. I would have thought I got the wrong dog out of my truck but there was only one in it. I have been beating myself up since the drive home. The big problem is I really wanted to get her SH title before I have back surgery in 2 weeks. This is my first lab and we were doing so good. I guess they all have bad days sometimes. I guess I'll just go up on the building and jump.
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Oh for Heaven's sake, :roll: I have a dog who ought to be nationally competitive in the obedience ring who was scratched at Friday's trial, NQ'ed on Saturday due to a stupid mistake, and we, as a team, were DISqualified on Sunday because I opted to correct in the ring rather than have her develop a pattern of making that mistake. I figured we'd go three for three in the ribbons, and we didn't get a single greenie.

They're dogs, and sports are for fun. No matter what happens under judgement, you still got to spend the day with your dogs and fun dog people and go home with the best dog in the world. What more could you ask for? A bad day in sports is still better than a good day at work! :D

You really need to get a grip. :wink: Or. Send me the dog before you jump, and I'll finish the title. :wink: :wink:
labman63 said:
I guess I'm pretty lucky.

Darn right you are! Think of how many dogs and dog owners never know the experiences you and your dog have had already. We are blessed and privileged, and whenever my priorities start to get kitty-whompass, I remind myself of that! :D
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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