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Failed HT.... help

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Does anyone have a short piece of rope and a tall tree I can borrow. After 7 straight ribbons and the last one to get SH title the wheels fell of Sunday. I would have thought I got the wrong dog out of my truck but there was only one in it. I have been beating myself up since the drive home. The big problem is I really wanted to get her SH title before I have back surgery in 2 weeks. This is my first lab and we were doing so good. I guess they all have bad days sometimes. I guess I'll just go up on the building and jump.
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Kristie Wilder said:
:( Sorry!

I will join you, though... I have one that needs one pass to title MH and qualify for the master national and I'm afraid she's torn her ACL...

It happens. And by "it" I mean "?hit"... LOL

Sorry to hear about bum luck. Good news is that you'll have many years of ribbons ahead of you when you recover!

Geez, Kristie....hope it is not torn ACL... :(

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