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Failed HT.... help

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Does anyone have a short piece of rope and a tall tree I can borrow. After 7 straight ribbons and the last one to get SH title the wheels fell of Sunday. I would have thought I got the wrong dog out of my truck but there was only one in it. I have been beating myself up since the drive home. The big problem is I really wanted to get her SH title before I have back surgery in 2 weeks. This is my first lab and we were doing so good. I guess they all have bad days sometimes. I guess I'll just go up on the building and jump.
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Seriously, I did have a good time and met some great people the last few weeks. Everytime I run (except the last one) I get comments from other handlers and judges what a nice dog I have so I'm pretty happy with her. This being my first lab I guess I'm pretty lucky.
I did make one mistake that caused her a little confusion but her missing the mark was the big problem. As far as pros vs joes I think I'm holding my own. 8 out of 31 passed Sat and the week before 14 out of 37 and I was the only non pro to pass a dog that test
That Ol' Roy makes for a tempting offer but I think I might keep her a little longer. I do have a new pup coming May 11th so I might be persuded to let her go sometime down the road. I'm really hooked on this game after many yrs with field trial birddogs. I wish I would have switched a long time ago. Attached is a picture of my girl if I did it right. [/img]
I was feeling pretty bad sunday night and yesterday but I'm looking forward to training this week now. I gave her yesterday off but as soon as I get home it's back to training. I guess I'm going to East Tn test at the end of this month to try and finish up her SH. I actually called the Dr today and backed my surgery up so I can finish her. I think I got it
1 - 6 of 32 Posts
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