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Failed HT.... help

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Does anyone have a short piece of rope and a tall tree I can borrow. After 7 straight ribbons and the last one to get SH title the wheels fell of Sunday. I would have thought I got the wrong dog out of my truck but there was only one in it. I have been beating myself up since the drive home. The big problem is I really wanted to get her SH title before I have back surgery in 2 weeks. This is my first lab and we were doing so good. I guess they all have bad days sometimes. I guess I'll just go up on the building and jump.
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She only passed 7 out of 8? I wouldn't own a dog like that. I'd get rid of her. I happen to know someone who has dogs that don't pass EVERY TEST entered, he may be willing to take her off your hands.

GEEZ!! Congrats on the 7 passes...number 8 will come soon enough. Remember, dogs are still allowed to be dogs every now and again!!
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