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I train with a dog out of Charlie and a Lean Mac bitch. She is extremely hot and a real hi roller. Blinds and marks are both run at the same speed. She can mark and takes all kinds of pressure. No real down falls if you know what your getting.

Charlie is a powerhouse,great marker,good water dog. not a amature dog. Great temperment, layed back when he's not at the line. You can pm me if you need more info. I know him well

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Richard Halstead said:
Charlie is owned by Jim Dressen. I always wondered why the demand for breeding. I guess it's the Cosmo and titled female, both have no Lean Mac.
Bill Fabian in North Branch, MN did the training.
Actually Harold Zimmerman did the training until he passed away. I believe Jim bought him from Patsy( I believe Harold's wife gave him back to Patsy). I believe Charlie was 3ish when he was sold to JIm.

I have trained 4 Charlie pups. I like them really well. However, in my pups, they are not early maturers. I do believe they "put it together" but I wouldn't purchase one for a derby dog. But if you are patient, I think it will pay off in the long run. They are very tractable, intelligent and very very birdy. You just have to survive the eternal puppyhood that goes on until the 18-24 month age. At least that is what I have dealt with in my pups.

I've had NO health issues in any of them either (all prelimmed good or better and no eye issues).

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