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If you've never been through the FF process and want to learn how, or if you have a dog with mouth issues and need to get control....this seminar will help. What is it? A workshop that walks you and your dog through the basics of FF, from hold through stimulation. You will learn the correct timing and how the process works, using your own dog. (I can provide a dog if needed)
This is *not* a "FF your dog in a weekend" seminar...I only wish it were that simple. ;) It will also demonstrate all the basic steps, from initial hold work through FTP and the e-collar, using dogs that are at different stages.

This is a very intense class, where you will work one-on-one with your dog under my supervision. These workshops are small, and you will get a great deal of time working your dog. Where you end up will be dependent on where your dog is in the process.

Generously sponsored by Muddy Waters Retriever Club. MWRC members may attend at half price. (normally $350, MWRC members $175) I also guarantee this class....if you're not happy with what you learned by the end of the class, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

Starts Friday evening at 6:30 for an orientation and overview, and will run from 8-4 on Saturday and Sunday.

Pre-enrollment is needed so I can plan ahead and have enough materials for everyone. To register, email me at [email protected], or call me at (715) 282-5558.

Sharon Potter
Team Huntsmith
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