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Field Trial Results website ?

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Any know of a website that keeps up with points and results?
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No but I vote that start to. I don't see why someone hasn't may it happen yet. Obviously it isn't a turn key operation but over time it could become a reality. Plus it would draw a good number of hits to any site. Heck, that is what brought me here in the first place. This is the best site that I know of as far as posting results.
I agree with the calendar but the results should be on a scoreboard for each class. Open, Amateur, Derby with running pionts for the year and you should be able to click on each dog and see where the ribbons came from.
Obviously the technology is there that isn't the problem. The problem has been previously alluded to, who's gonna pay to get the info? There aren't many people in this world willing to donate the time necessary to compile and update such a database for free. Therefore, you've got to feed a market and there isn't enough of one to support this right now.

The way I see it working is as a draw for a site like this or if the people would ever get their act together and offer an online version of the magazine. Here it would draw many more eyes to the site and sell advertising which would pay for the extra work.

How much is anyone on this thread willing to pay for this information and how many people will ante up? That's the guestion here. If we get enough hell I might be willing to make it work. :D
Come on now Shayne you know nothing in life is free. Either a site is going to use the additional traffic to sell advertising or charge for the information or both.

I haven't looked at a RFTN is a couple of years now so can someone remind me what is actually in the thing worth paying the outrageous price they charge for it? Last I remember it has results and dog ads. Isn't that the nuts and bolts of it?

If you could pry the results out of the AKC (obviously at a price) what prevents you from giving people the same thing online? Atleast that way you wouldn't have to wait a month for the information.

I guess my gripe is I don't understand why some of these resources can't be blended together into one site. To me it would be wonderful to have a site for entering trials, compiling results, advertising dogs, equitment etc., information on pedigrees and titles (such as good dog info.) and a message board for people to discuss training and such. Would that be too hard?
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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