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First 2 Started Passes!

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Entered our first HRC started test last weekend at Salt Valley. It has been a long wait for me with what happened last year about this time. Some of you may remeber I lost my pup "Oakley" that I had been training at 8 months to a car accident. He is the reason I got into this game and miss him so much. I started over just a couple weeks later with my new pup "Strike". He is just a couple weeks over a year old now and couldn't be happier with how he is progressing. He did very well both days and we were able to get passes on both Sat. and Sunday. Special thanks to my buddies Kody, Rob and Cory for the help, also the guys at Salt Valley. Here is a pic with me and my buddy "Strike" with his first 2 Started ribbons!
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Nice Job!

Congrats, those first ones are special. Good looking dog you got there.
That's sweet, brother! Congrats! Just so you know, you are now addicted (sounds like maybe you already had Oakley to blame for that) and all of your time, money, attention, and concentration now belong to your pup! Give that pup an extra scratch on the head tonight! Nice work!
Way to go!
Congratulations! I plan to make my first run this month too.
Nice job! Congrats!
Congrats! I got my first two passes with my pup a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome. Hooked niw.
Congratulations! We ran our first test 3 weeks ago and then finished our Started title last weekend and had an absolute blast. Best of luck to you and your boy in the future!
Good job! Are you going to get a SAHR or go straight to Seasoned?
Good job! Are you going to get a SAHR or go straight to Seasoned?
Typo. I meant SHR.
My plan is to finish up his SHR, then work towards running seasoned this summer. We have started training towards seasoned but he isn't quite ready. Plus it will give us some more experience in a test environment since these were both of our first tests.
Great job! Love the call name...
Congratulations on your passes. So sorry to hear about Oakley. Enjoy your new guy. Looks like a nice boy.
Congratulations Brett and Strike! He looked great that Sunday I saw him.
Thank you Keith! Your young pup did great as well! Hope to see you soon and hopefully be running seasoned at your clubs test this summer.
Congrats! That's a big accomplishment!
nice job its all over now. Everywhere you go and see water or open land you are looking at the different things you can run there. Hopefully you don't like deer hunting or other stuff cause you are going to give it up to run the dogs
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