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Someone's gonna say this was a bad idea, but it was cool and ended a sketchy session on a good note, so I thought I come here and share.

10 mo CF. Moved from single T to double T today which caused a little confusion for the pup. She kept trying to come in to the first over pile on overs from the second T. Moved up, lots of attrition, and a few corrections got us through it, but it wasn't the cleanest morning ever. Ending with a few poor man's single marks and she broke on one. Stopped her, brought her back to where she was, moved to an entirely new area and threw another mark-- no problems. But, that first bumber is still sitting out there 75 yards or so away and now we're back by the truck. I lined her up and she took a hard line back and ended up about 15 yards to the left of the bumper. Whistle stop. Over cast. Bingo! It was a nice ending to the morning.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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