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Flying Pups

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I am having a litter of pups. I have people all over the country that are interested in these dogs.
What airline will fly them?
What should I ship them in?
What are some things that I will need to do/Know?
I already know about the health gurantee...
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What ever you do dont fly them through Atlanta (esspecially on Delta dont know the other airlines) but they lost my dog for over 3 hours and couldnt tell me if he was on the flight he was suppost to be on or if he was on the next flight (I had to drive 3 hours so had to know) they where not helpful at all and finally had to yell at Atlanta and tell them to personally walk down there and find my dog luckly they did but I have heard this a lot from them. I know that Delta in Bloomington and Portland Oregon where great and I highly recomend them but Altanta was horriable so do not fly them through Atlanta.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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