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Food question again SORRY

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I have one, only one complaint or rather concern amount of food required to keep weight on. (Really I have a couple of trialling concerns but the light at the end of the tunnel is still shining training wise LOL).

Yank does everything at a million miles per hour training wise. Naturally he uses a lot of calories. BTW, he is great in the house and in his kennel run at night, no pacing.

He is nearly 2 years of age. He is fed a diet of raw meaty bones and 7 cups of Eagle Pack Power per day. Vet checks have him, fit as a fiddle.

Does anyone else need to feed so much dry food to their dogs????????
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I'm glad someone else has the same problem! My dog is eating me out of house and home. I run with him a few miles every morning then train every night I can. He was consuming 8 cups a day!! He is a long legged dog and good size. He weighs 88 lbs and looks lean, but not too lean. I'd say he's at the ideal weight. I have now backed him off to 6 cups a day, he is approaching 2 years old. The bag still says 4...I don't know if we'll ever make it!

The vet says he's a perfect shape, tones down nice after his ribs.
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