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Fowl Master Kennels! Jeff Mann!!!!

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Just wanted to brag on Jeff, and the job he has done with my dog. Beau got his HR title at 14 months old at Coastal Empire's hunt test last Sat. He went 3 for 3 in seasoned and it has been a fun journey so far! I talked to quite a few trainers before making the decision of going with Jeff. Jeff runs a first class kennel and you wont find a more honest person. Here are a few pics of Beau when he got his SHR title last fall!
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Congrats on your title and yes Jeff is a class act
Unless he's pouring a turkey fryer full of water on you.....:D Also, should give props to Coastal Empire for putting on a awesome hunt test. I would have to say that some of nicest people I have run across at a hunt test! Good food too!
Thanks JMorle, glad you had a good time. Mossy Pond Retrievers has some great facilities and grounds and their crew are second to none. Jeff usually stands at the front of the line with the trukey fryer.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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