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FT Handler Seminar/Workshops/Schools?

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I noticed the sticky at the top of the page. What are some other sources to check for FT handler schools? I figured as much time and money as I have in my dog, I might as well give her my full potential. Any leads are greatly appreciated.

PS. Already checked Rorem and Farmer's websites. Nothing in the near future or remotely close. Any help is appreciated.
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Dave Rorem Seminars are geared toward handling. I believe most others are more toward training.

I will say that I learned a lot about handling at the Mike Lardy Advanced Workshop. Had the opportunity to spend 3 days with Mike and 11 other clinic participants including one National winner in pre-clininc training. Then, of course, the 3 1/2 days of the clinic with Mike, Pat Burns, Ray Voigt, and Dennis Voigt. That is an experience that is tough to beat.

Here are some others that I've seen advertisements for worhshops in the past...
Mike Lardy, Pat Burns, Ray Voigt, Dennis Voigt -
Andy Attar -
Jim Van Engen -
Bill Hillman -
Dave Rorem -
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