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FT judging scenario

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You are one of the two judges. Contestant calls for birds. After the first bird hits the ground you can plainly hear the contestant say "sit" to their dog. Your co judge does not hear anything.
For this scenario let's say the other two birds hit the ground and the contestant gets their number from the judge who did not hear anything.
You were the judge that did hear contestant talk to the dog.
What do you do?
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It does say “shall remain quiet”, so there is no wiggle room. I would defer to my co-judge if I did not hear it for some reason.
That’s a good list. the rule book could be organized a bit better and a section for pre-stake preparation that included this kind of a checklist would be useful.
1 - instructions to handlers
2 - who signals for birds
3 - who calls the dogs number
4 - each judge has liberty to say "no bird"
5 - every bird retrieved should be inspected (preferably by the judge not calling numbers)
6 - who gives instructions to handler if dog is to be picked up
7 - running or crippled birds - judges should decide in advanced how to deal with runners should problem arise
8 - judges should decide how to deal with encountering of wild birds
9 - agree in advance on creeping and if dog should be brought to heel before sending. (also in minor stakes, judges should agree about the degree of controlled break)
For those interested in judging questions and the rule book, the Retriever News bi weekly newsletter has a judges corner column with questions submitted and answered by FT and HT judges. If you have a question or topic you think is interesting, you can submit it through a link in the newsletter. A couple of people on this thread are regular contributors.
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