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FT judging scenario

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You are one of the two judges. Contestant calls for birds. After the first bird hits the ground you can plainly hear the contestant say "sit" to their dog. Your co judge does not hear anything.
For this scenario let's say the other two birds hit the ground and the contestant gets their number from the judge who did not hear anything.
You were the judge that did hear contestant talk to the dog.
What do you do?
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Tell my co-judge and drop the dog. Inform handler ASAP.
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Let the dog run the series, the problem may take care of itself. It takes both judges to drop a dog. We can discuss it at the time of callbacks or placements. If this is a minor stake we may decide it is a control break.

I would assume the dog ran the test since the co-judge gave him his number. I would let the dog finish the test. I like to discuss issues like this with my co-judge as soon as they occur (after dog has run) and then have the marshal or us tell the handler ASAP. That way they don't hang around all day thinking they are back and maybe it will jog their memory a bit.
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