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Gas prices...... again

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In the last 2 months gas prices in Richmond have increased .26 to .31 cents a gallon for regular.Oil prices are up over a 1.00 a barrel just this week I read yesterday.

How will this effect YOUR training and running of events out of your state?

I was looking to run HT's 2 states away from VA, to get qualified for the Master National..... but may have to rethink that, and cut back to states closer.

What WILL you do?
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Lil Dikens Kennels said:
achiro said:
.31 x 50 gallons is only $15.50 in the scheme of things, does it really make that much difference? :wink:
Yes it does to some folks.We all know it wont stop till its over 3 bucks again.
Now your starting to have an effect on all finances. It cosy more to go to work so these dog event trips are for some recreation and that is what will be cut first.
Then add on the bigger entry fees in some clubs and you will have less entries.
My diesel can get up to 24 mpg. Its a 2 wheel drive chevy and i run the speed limit.
If that is not enough then i may put a hitch on the 34 mpg car and pull the trailer with that
Not to mention the cost of everything at the grocery stores will go up as well because of the cost of shipping goes up. The utility bills at home will go up the same percentage as well which means a cost of living (not including house price which doesn't matter cause my mortgage doesn't change) of well above 8%, while sallaries are stuck at the same place.
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