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Gas prices...... again

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In the last 2 months gas prices in Richmond have increased .26 to .31 cents a gallon for regular.Oil prices are up over a 1.00 a barrel just this week I read yesterday.

How will this effect YOUR training and running of events out of your state?

I was looking to run HT's 2 states away from VA, to get qualified for the Master National..... but may have to rethink that, and cut back to states closer.

What WILL you do?
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Wouldn't really bother me for the most part if it only cost me an extra $15 a week to two weeks, but since I drive around a 1,000 miles a week, it sucks....drains the extra cash I would normally be spending on fishing, camping, etc. Kinda hard to spend the extra money on vacation and stuff like the govt. wants when it takes it away on gas.
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