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Gas prices...... again

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In the last 2 months gas prices in Richmond have increased .26 to .31 cents a gallon for regular.Oil prices are up over a 1.00 a barrel just this week I read yesterday.

How will this effect YOUR training and running of events out of your state?

I was looking to run HT's 2 states away from VA, to get qualified for the Master National..... but may have to rethink that, and cut back to states closer.

What WILL you do?
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There is no way I can be convinced that our Gov't. can't keep prices of gas lower. I mean...aren't we still the biggest users of crude oil?

And yes it will have an effect on my training and running tests. I do this for a hobby. And as much as I try to convince myself that I won't let the gas prices slow me down, it's still in the back of my mind. Furthermore, the "blow" money account doesn't have as much in it when gas prices are high.

I know some of the Pros can pass off some of their expenses, but when you do it for fun every little bit counts. To me anyway!!
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