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GDG Anyone else watching Sopranos finale?

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10 mins to go... Running out of time for something to happen...
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Heard an interesting theory today...

Evidence that Tony got whacked at the end:
- 2 black guys in the diner were the same ones who shot him in the ear in a failed hit (season 2?)
- trucker in diner was the brother of a trucker that Chris whacked and stole his cargo in an earlier season.
- shady dude in diner was Phil Leotardo's nephew
- the above three are supposedly confirmed by comparing the credits at the end of the finale with previous credits (by a way bigger fan than me)
- Not that it is relevant, but the boy scouts in the diner were the same kids in the train shop when Bobby got offed.
- Meadow's "OMG" expression as she walked in the door (she was about to see T get sent to the big canolli in the sky)
- a few episodes ago Bobby and Tony were on the ski boat and theorizing what it's like to get whacked and they agreed that you don't hear nothing and everything just goes black (this scene was shown in the "Previously on the Sopranos" before the finale and before the next-to-last show...likely for a reason), and that's exactly how the finale ended.

Another Sopranos geek theorized that Tony didn't get killed, but that all of the people in the diner represented that no matter where Tony goes he will always be confronted by reminders of the evil that he has perpetrated and the debris and damage he has left in his wake.
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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