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GDG Anyone else watching Sopranos finale?

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10 mins to go... Running out of time for something to happen...
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I think we all would have been more disappointed had Tony bought the big one. One had to figure he would live, if not for a movie or some kind of special sequel. Plus, he was the hero of the show and folks don't like to see heros get whacked.

Looks like it was the FBI that saved him. His FBI contact on the Anti-Terrorist unit was the one that tipped him off where Phil was on the lamb in Oyster Bay. No way are they going to let a source of information like Tony get killed with his contacts on the wharfs and docks of Jersey. Also, his FBI contact had a bet on Tony being the survivor over Phil.

I was surprised that the show didn't have AJ going into the Army as AJ wanted to. That would have setup a new show done the road much like Michael Cardeleone coming back from the Army to join the family in the Godfather.

Looks like HBO has another hit on their hands with, "John From Cincinnati". Great story line. Between that show and Entourage, it will be tough looking at anything else on Sunday nights till the NFL season!
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Hew said:
Evidence that Tony got whacked at the end:
- 2 black guys in the diner were the same ones who shot him in the ear in a failed hit (season 2?)
- Meadow's "OMG" expression as she walked in the door (she was about to see T get sent to the big canolli in the sky)
If you remember, one of those two guys that Uncle Junior hired to kill Tony in the second season was killed in the attempt.

According to the show creator, they ended it the way they had to. Whether or not Tony gets whacked at the end is left up to the viewer. There is a lot of disappointment in the way the show ended all over the world. There should have been a more definite ending no matter how anticlimatic it would have been.

One thing for sure is we won't see James Gandolfini playing the role of Tony Soprano again. He has made it clear that he won't do another episode and to do so would only harm his and the show's integrity.

Is the cat that Tony adopts in the last episode a reincarnation of Chris?

Interesting that The Sopranos was the second most viewed mini-series in the world, second only to Baywatch! Go Pamela!!! :D

For more on the Sopranos ending, go to;
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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