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I'm tired of my fax machine and the $42 a month I spend on the line thanks to Bellsouth... Or the new AT&T, whatever the heck it is now...

I don't want the fax line to share my main line here because I don't want ppl to have to press one or whatever...

So I was looking at online fax services, which appear to be around $8/month. And you send receive via email, or online panel, which is actually ideal for me. Then I thought I'd just use my fax machine for anything outgoing that I didn't feel like scanning...

Let me know if you've used one or specifically have one to recommend as there appear to be lots of them.



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I use both for a virtual phone system that I can easily redirect to different phones if I am traveling and for an on-line fax server. I do sometimes run out of storage space since I tend to keep old faxes around until I'm sure I won't need them again. I can either print the faxes directly from a web browser, redirect them to a fax machine, or forward them by email. The latter option is great for when I want to forward information to others. The voice messages offer the same options for forwarding. I've set my account up to email me whenever a message is received. For outbound faxes, I often simply scan the material and put it into a PDF file that I can forward by email. Most recipients prefer that to a fax since it's easier to file on their computer.
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