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I am trying to put together a proposal to keep one of our favorite seniors in the game.

Quick history - "Annie" (human), name has been changed although I don't think she will ever see this site. "Polly" (canine) sporting breed, although not a retriever.

Annie has been around in our obedience group for a long time. She has also gone to retriever training days with her dogs so that she could teach them something else and get them some good exercise.

She has always been a big help in the dog sports. She helps steward at obedience trials, judges at obedience matches, and when out in the field always willing to take her turn at a station. She has run circles around some of the younger folk(and she is somewhere around 80), and we appreciate her being there for all of her encouragement and assistance.

She currently has a fabulous rescue dog that she received 1 1/2 years ago. So far she has put 9 or 10 titles on her including an AKC Companion Dog Excellent and Rally Excellent title on her. Annie is dedicated to training, and it really, really shows. We are still trying to figure out if Annie was the angel sent to Polly, or if Polly was the angel sent to Annie. Either way they are a fabulous team and an inspiration.

As with all of us, Annie is now being hit hard with the cost of rising gas prices. She drives a 20+ year old van with thousands and thousands of miles on it. She is now at a time where she has to start staying home and missing events because she cannot afford to run her van on limited income and impending repair bills and the simple cost of purchasing fuel for that monster.

I for one am missing her at practices and thought I would try to write a letter to whomever will listen and see if I can get some new or newer vehicle that is far more dependable and fuel efficient as even as a group we would not be able to fund a new vehicle.

I have had one very good idea, and that is to write to the company that made her current vehicle. I also have another place that I am going to try...but has anyone ever attempted something like this before, and if so, where did you write to?

I will have pictures of the old rusty van, Annie, and Polly the incredible rescue dog, I just have to get all of my thoughts together and send it off.

If anyone has ever done this before, please send me an email as I am very interested in seeing if there is anything I can do for Annie.

(And just to clarify, I am not soliciting this site for a van, only suggestions on where I might send a completed proposal to.)

[email protected]

Thank you!

Deb Z

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Deb, I don't know how to go about what you are looking for exactly, but Annie might be a good candidate to look for a 'sponsor'. Although these types of dog sports aren't the typical 'target' for sponsorship, with her situation and reputation for being so helpful and present at so many different events, it could work (I have gotten sponsorship before for attending agility trials, so it is possible). If you can't get someone to sponsor her by providing a better vehicle, maybe a local repair shop would at least provide repairs to the one she has.... just a thought. Good luck and I hope you are successful!
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