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That was deleted in the great server purge by the janitor. And as they say it is better to let sleeping Beavers lay.
BTW it was not my post on Margo's "Problem with my Beaver" thread everyone remembers but my separate thread apology. All these years and folk still come up to me at events and talk about that single RTF post.
The server purge was many years ago. It was pre-facebook, pre-social media apps. The classifieds had a high posting rate and we were trying to keep the ads to 60 days, then they'd delete off and could be reposted if there were still pups to move.

I thought I was just deleting the classified ads that were over 60 days. I clicked the wrong button and remember hitting the "stop" button several times.

Lucky for all, I don't carry that big keyring anymore and I no longer spread that crazy smelling sawdust on the floor when a kid pukes after gym class. (I guess they call that P.E. nowadays)

1 - 1 of 11 Posts