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Getting dog from Georgia to Canada (Edmonton)

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Help me out here if you can...

1) Is anybody down near me (GA or nearby) heading to/near Edmonton any time in the next few months?

2) Does anybody know how to get a dog up there? I haven't looked, but my client says there are no airlines with climate controlled cargo that go in there...

I've never shipped a dog to Canada... Figured someone would have some answers here more quickly than I can find them.

And it is a DOG, not a puppy.


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The Snows said:
If you can get the dog into Calgary, it is a three hour drive north to Edmonton.


I would take this advice & use Continental. I drove 4 hours to Boston to get Finn flying in from TX so that he could go on Continental. Not only are they just the best w/ the dogs, but I felt much better knowing he was in a climate controlled hold. It took all the headache out of relying on a weather forecast to see if he'd make another airlines temp restrictions.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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