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Getting dog from Georgia to Canada (Edmonton)

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Help me out here if you can...

1) Is anybody down near me (GA or nearby) heading to/near Edmonton any time in the next few months?

2) Does anybody know how to get a dog up there? I haven't looked, but my client says there are no airlines with climate controlled cargo that go in there...

I've never shipped a dog to Canada... Figured someone would have some answers here more quickly than I can find them.

And it is a DOG, not a puppy.


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Hi, Air Canada is a bit tricky. There needs to be an Air Canada cargo office in the location that you are shipping out of and if there is then the connecting flights have to all work out. I have not had much luck with shipping dogs via Air Canada from the USA, but it is possible if everything works out. Northwest flies in to Edmonton but has temp restrictions. The best bet is to fly Continental(no temp restrictions) in to Calgary, which I believe is a couple hour drive from Edmonton. Hope this helps.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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