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Getting dog from Georgia to Canada (Edmonton)

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Help me out here if you can...

1) Is anybody down near me (GA or nearby) heading to/near Edmonton any time in the next few months?

2) Does anybody know how to get a dog up there? I haven't looked, but my client says there are no airlines with climate controlled cargo that go in there...

I've never shipped a dog to Canada... Figured someone would have some answers here more quickly than I can find them.

And it is a DOG, not a puppy.


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Hi Kristie.

The airlines have a minimum (10*F = -12*C) and maximum (85*F = 29*C) outside temperature that allows your dog to travel. The cargo area is pressure controlled, but I don't know about climate controlled. I think right now should be still safe , but check with Northwest Airlines. Priority Pet takes care of the animals.

this page has links to most of your pet questions...

Here is the checklist for an unaccompanied dog...

Rabies is the only shot that has to be up to date with the dog,and all that paper work will accompany him. Your crate has to be a certain size, and travelling from here, the biggest crate they could fit onto the plane was a large, or series 700. Air Canada also takes pets, but not sure of maximum size of crate there. Also try West Jet......

If you need anymore help, just give me a shout. I sent you a PM

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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