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Going to Vegas - What is a must see - GDG

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We are going to Vegas for an extended weekend - we are not into the shows type of thing, but wanted to know what else is a must see. We will also be on foot - not renting a car so has to be within reasonable walking distance of our hotel which is not on the main strip, but a block or so off.

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As stated the Bellagio water show is a must see, but go up in the eiffel tower at night and watch it from there. That is a truelly beautiful way to see it.

The big shot is a great ride.

One of my favorites was Seigfried and Roy's Secret Garden behind the Mirage. You can see all of the big cats and a dolphin show. They change out some of the big cats during the day, so you get to see different species at different times.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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