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Going to Vegas - What is a must see - GDG

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We are going to Vegas for an extended weekend - we are not into the shows type of thing, but wanted to know what else is a must see. We will also be on foot - not renting a car so has to be within reasonable walking distance of our hotel which is not on the main strip, but a block or so off.

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kjrice said:
1. Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay ] On the list to do
2. Take a ride on the Big Shot at the Stratosphere. On the list to do, we both like roller coasters and such
3. Roller coaster at NY NY On the list to do
4. You should check out The Blue Man Group, Mystere, or O shows. Make reservations before arrival.
5. The water show in front of the Bellagio On the list to do
6. Gondola ride at the Venetian - make reservations before arrival. David mentioned this one, so we will probably squeeze it in
7. GameWorks - do the picture morphing of you and David to see what your kids would look like. It is tff. On the list to do
8. Sirens Cove at TI. On the list t do
9. Throw birds for Coop. Well since our honeymoon was spent doing dog stuff, I figured I ought not do that on our first aniversary ;)

This site has a lot of info:
David also mentioned some really big toy story, so we will probably got check it out.

Yes we both enjoy sushi....will have to keep those two places in mind....

JDogger said:
I grew up in LV during the late sixties. Don't waste your money on the strip or "glitter gulch". Rent a car and drive a couple hours in any direction to the most interesting and varied topography on the the globe. Take a picnic with you and go to Lake Mead/ Hoover Dam, or go north from there to Valley of Fires S.P. or go northwest to Mt. Charleston, or Southwest to Sandy Valley and on to Death Valley and circle around.
Anyone can just eat, drink and gamble, or watch cookie cutter shows in LV.
Challenge the blind.. Ay?


That will be the next trip - I have always wanted to go to Vegas and play some blackjack, something I've always wanted to do. So that is this go around. Next one is to go see the other sites that NV has to offer....

1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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