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Going to Vegas - What is a must see - GDG

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We are going to Vegas for an extended weekend - we are not into the shows type of thing, but wanted to know what else is a must see. We will also be on foot - not renting a car so has to be within reasonable walking distance of our hotel which is not on the main strip, but a block or so off.

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Gun_Dog2002 said:
Take the helicopter ride to the grand canyon.

I can't think of the service we used, started with a "P". It was great, not as costly as some of the others. Great time though. We ate lunch in the canyon above the Colorado River. Papion or something like that. Then seen our pilot on a Gulf war special, he had flown in the war. FYI on wether they have good pilots or not.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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