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Hey all,
A little bird told me that "Stanley" finished his FC/AFC last weekend at the Idaho Trial.
Please confirm.............
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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There's another thread somewhere w/ the news. I think Judy is still hyperventilating!


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..."Gossip" :?: GASP :shock: ...

Glenda wrote on the Forum....Snake River...


1st: FTCH/AFTCH OTCH Stanely Steamer who now adds an FC/AFC to that and qualifies for both Nationals!!! O: John and Janice Gunn

H: John Hard to believe, but John was speechless when announced. He was truly overcome! .........

.."The waterblind was extremely demanding, and the last series ate them up. It was a very picturesque water triple. The current on both of these was going from right to left, and there was a very strong wind blowing from left to right! "

Here is the post link..

And.... ..if you did not see this....might be of interest, too!!! :D :D :D

Westchester, NY...
1st Dog 26 Rubie Handler: R Bell

:D 2nd Dog 56 Ranger Handler: J. Rasmuson :D

3rd Dog 6 Goldie Handler D. Mosher
4th Dog 48 George Handler D. Mosher
RJ: Dog 22 Banner Handler D. Mosher
Dog 9 Beau Handler J. Rasmuson
Dog 23 Surge Handler E Forry

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Just now home from Idaho - elated to say the least!!!!!!!

Thank you all so much for your congrat's in the Event section and personal emails...
And especially to Glenda Brown, whom was so kind to post for Stanley, and for her most sincere congrat's and support.
And always to Judy Chute, whom appreciates each every Golden Retriever accomplishment, your true colors are so wonderful and bright Judy :lol:

Stanley at age 5, just broke the history record that Boomer made last year...and Stanley is honored to stand beside the great Eli in being one of only two FC/AFC's goldens with an OTCH title.
Along with all his titles, Stan has also achieved 4 perfect 200 scores in obedience. Thank you Chris Braswell for breeding this talented dog.

My cataloge from the Idaho Ret. trials shows 197 Labradors,
13 Chessies, and only 7 Golden Retrievers.......I am sure most areas of the US are similar.
When you look at the number of Golden achievements listed in Judy's
email the exotics are strong in the placements!


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You're going to make us wear out our pom poms and have to replace them!!!!
WOW - a HUGE congratulations from Hoss and Becky!

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Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
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