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Golden Retriever National:

There is less than one week before entries close!

Pre order your catalog and save $5. You can order online.

You can also make dinner/banquet reservations online. Please order soon. We
will have favors for all attending the Welcome Dinner, the Parade, FT
Banquet and Awards Dinner. Be sure and come to the field trial banquet -
you can't beat the price ($15) plus free beer and wine! It's only about 15
minutes from the Host Hotel and 10 minutes from the Comfort Inn and Holiday
Inn Express. Or, you can come directly from the field trial - about 2
minutes down the road.
There are still rooms available, several hotels are letting us know about

The Parade of Titleholders has not filled so get your entries to Suzi
Gatipon, 178 Dusty Road, Camden, SC 29020 [email protected]

We will be posting directions to all local veterinary and emergency
facilities on our website sometime this week. You can print this and bring
it with you. Emergency information will be available at all events, most
hotels/motels as well as in the welcome bags, but it's always nice to have
your own copy handy.
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