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Pups bite and chew. That's what they do. But you're the boss and you get to decide what
is or is not an acceptable chew object. Make sure pup has plenty of approved chew objects available. Don't allow biting of people or their stuff. A firm "no" or whatever, a pinch of the gums and presenting an approved alternative will eventually get the lesson across.
Just keep your shoes and socks locked in the closet and keep an eye on the furniture. Are you crate training the pup? If he gets too rambunctious a little "time out" in the crate with a favorite chew is better than a battle of wills. Be patient. 10 weeks is a baby and it may take a while before the biting and chewing is under control. (Our 14 1/2 year old lab still has an affection for my socks and if not secured they will get shredded. Nothing else. Just my socks. Dogs.)
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