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GRCA Specialty results

It was a fun weekend, but boy am I glad to be home!! Two weekends of that hot weather was enough. So. Cal. held their trial on the same grounds the week before and it did cause a bit of confusion to the goldens who ran the first series of the Q and the last series of the Open at that trial. These grounds are new & will be really wonderful when they're completed--the newest pond, which no one used as there's no cover at all as yet will be awesome.
A 'show-obedience' person asked me if the tests were fair to goldens. I'm sure tired of hearing that, but I politely said it was a real field trial with real points and that real field trial goldens were running it. The tests were exceptionally well thought out, especially the Open & Amateur. I heard the first series of the Derby was very difficult. The D was made up of very young dogs.
I was so proud of my little bitch Amy who ran her first Open and finished it, but didn't get a ribbon as she double handled in the last series. She just turned 3 at the end of August. Unfortunately, I lost her on the land blind in the Amateur because I simply couldn't see the marker, or her for that matter in the fading light....old eyes! The water blinds in both major stakes were very difficult & the last series of the A was, as one of the judges said, "just a little triple". It was short with 2 retired guns & a wild 'n wooley flier, had some sneaky 'corner' water tucked into it, and it was just plain hard!!
Anyone who finished any of the stakes at this trial should be very proud. The Gunn's 'Stanley' was fantastic (so glad I noticed him at his first Derby and decided then and there to breed my little one to him). We had people from all over the U.S.&--from sea to shining sea to be exact. I had especially wanted to see the Pickering's dogs and Kaye Fuller's as well as meet 'Timberline's Buckin Bronco' because her sire was from my Nell x Raincheck breeding, and meet Emberain Katherine my Amy's litter sister. One of my grandbabies JAMMED the Q & got the RJ in the Amateur. She's amateur trained & her owner has never owned a trial dog before. He's done a wonderful job with her, but she scared me half to death in the last series of the A with her spinning between birds & bouncing front paws. Way, way too much like her mom & GGrandmom, but she sure knows where the birds are!!
I got to meet some great people, watch some wonderful goldens and it was a fun weekend even tho I didn't get a ribbon!
Suzanne Burr
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