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Not sure if this qualifies as product review but I had a nice customer service experience and with those being so rare, I'd thought I'd share.

I ordered a few things from GunDogSupply recently and they forgot to pack one item. I called, they said they'd send it out and guess what, IT CAME TODAY.

Two things here:
1. I called Wednesday (today is Friday)
2. they didn't ask any questions, just said they'd send it - I could have been just trying to get some free stuff - but THEY DIDN'T EVEN ASK ANY QUESTIONS - JUST SENT THE STUFF.

Man, with all the hassles you sometimes put up with trying to order stuff online, it sure is nice to know there are some decent people out there.

Oh yeah, Butch Green, too. The holding blind is great and customer service (well really him just calling to check on what I wanted :) ) was top notch. As soon as the budget allows, I'm planning to get another blind.
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