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Gordan F. Powers

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Does anyone know when this gentleman passed away? I saw a video on you tube with him running a blind with a 2 yr old lab and he was 96 yrs old. The video was dated 2012.
Did he ever make it to 100yrs old? He had to use binoculars to see his dog. It was quite the distance. It was a land/water blind. Pretty neat video.
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12 years ago, I was 68 years old when I went to my first open training day at the Inland Valley RC with my 4-month-old pup. I said something lame like at my age this would probably be my last dog. Someone laughed and pointed to “Gordy”. “See that man? He has a dog about the same age as yours. He’s 93!” I think Gordy was the most optimistic man I’ve ever met.
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