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I'm coming to the grand forks area for the week of the 20th thru the 26th. My wife is starting a program that will have her spending 16 weeks over the next 2 years at UND. My question is if their is anyone willing to allow me to train with them if I can squeeze in a dog kennel and some training gear with all the other stuff we have to bring. I really won't know until we pack whether I will have room, but if there is room I'd like to bring one of my dogs with me if I can give her some quality training. Interested in either FT or HT training.

Also, the true purpose of me coming along is to look into housing options for my wife. She has 5 different trips to make to UND ranging from 3-5 weeks. We have been given some options through the University but if anyone know of other types of housing options in the area, we are open to suggestions.

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