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:D Hoping everyone has a safe trip to PA.

Some information just in case.
Please visit

For MAPS of the Field Areas. I will also have some at the head quarters however if you want to plan ahead please print from PVGRC's site.
Running orders on that web site as well.

Please bring your FR radios... and stay tooned to the following stations for what dog # we are on

Master A 2-2
Master B 3-2
Senior 4-2
Junior A 5-2
Junior B 6-2

Open 2-2
Am 3-2
Qual 4-2
Derby 5-2

Marshalls for the stake will have radios tuned in. Don't get caught running to a holding blind.. RELAX - HAVE FUN!

The SIGNS will be SQUARE & WHITE.. so look for them off of Route 15...
Info for FT will be @ HEADQUARTERS.. and Mondays land will be close(1 Mile) to that location.
Actually so will TUES Land (Am & Derby)

Look forward to seeing all the Goldens Run! :)
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